MUNSA in a Minute

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations, where students represent countries from around the world.

  • MUN delegates debate major international problems and write resolutions to solve those problems.
  • MUN integrates research, writing, public speaking, and teamwork to create a comprehensive experience that will help you develop valuable skills for your future academic and professional career.
  • For more information, see here.

What does MUNSA do?

  • UBC’s MUN Student Association (MUNSA) organizes teams of students to travel across North America to participate in MUN conferences. We’ve been New York, Harvard, Toronto, and more!
  • MUNSA also hosts conferences throughout the year, held on the UBC campus, which are FREE to all MUNSA members!
  • MUNSA is consistently recognized as one of the most competitive MUN teams in North America — MUNSA delegates have been recognized for over thirty awards in the past year alone!

How can I join?